Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

The perfect gift to show your friends that you care about their best friend.

Minimum $20

A great way to say thank you to a neighbor who helped you out, for someone who just got a new dog and needs a boost or just to show you care. Great for people of all ages and with such a wide variety of services and products, we can make any pet parents day better.

Purchase in specific amounts or for specific services. They never expire and are as good as cash for any Coat Tales pet product including clothing and food. Choose to have them mailed to you or sent as a gift.

Free shipping and local in-person delivery. Electronic certificates available for returning customers only.

10% discount on Certificate purchases of $100 or more.

Location & Contact Details

Cancellation Policy: Please call to cancel appointments 24 hours in advance. Call or text only. More than 3 missed appointments, 50% deposit will be required for future bookings.