Make your lawn greener by making it less brown.

No time frame. / $30 (1x per week) or $45 (2x per week)

Everybody does it, but not ever animal knows how to flush. It isn’t a pretty job but somebody has to do it. Big or Small, the mess can start to pile up so Coat Tales offers weekly service to bag and remove pet waste from your lawn. Keep the flies away and your shoes clean.

Your best friend with thank you for the clean commode and you won’t have to worry about sh- I mean, poop.

Service requires reasonable access to property and waste receptacle.

Additional fee for removal of waste from property.

Price includes all travel, supplies and NJ sales tax.

Location & Contact Details

Cancellation Policy: Please call to cancel appointments 24 hours in advance. Call or text only. More than 3 missed appointments, 50% deposit will be required for future bookings.